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[ Article 8 ] Prohibition
(1) Act of invasion of someone's property, violation of someone's right of public privacy and defamation
(2) Assignment or sharing of user ID
(3) Discrimination against another person, the act of defamation and disgrace or impair other people's creditentials
(4) Acts of infliction of emotion or financial distress to the third party, usurp or publish someone's information
(5) Acts of sending or posting videos, audio and pictures of pornographic or violent content
(6) Offensive acts to public order and morals including obscene, threatening or stalking behavior.
(7) Collecting or storing other's personal information
(8) Conducting solicitations, sales, or promotional activities which is not authorized by G-BRID .
(9) The act of accessing our server illegally.
(10) Acts which interfere with the our operation for the service
(11) Other acts G-BRID deems inappropriate

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