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G-BRID is a free community site for mobile phone

G-BRID is a service that is operated by advertising fee, so registration fee and monthly fee are free of charge. Also, please note that you will not be charged during the withdrawal of the membership.

  • *Note
  • You maybe be charged when using additional functions of the site but our basic features are available free of charge.
  • The nature of the site G-BRID consists a lot of contents which use a lot of packets so we recommend that you subscript a fixed packet plan. If you do not subscript a fixed packet plan, you may be charged at a high packet fee.

For those who do not receive our e-mail

If your setting is “E-mail from $n will not be received", there may be hindrance in the use of this service. For those who receive e-mail from designated domain only(incoming domain specified), please configure the e-mail settings for receiving mail from"gbrid.mobi".

  • *Note
  • If your registered e-mail address is changed, e-mail from our service cannot be received. Please change the registered e-mail address through [Change Settings] → [Change Address].

About sending the location information

Please be assured that the location information of G-BRID does not determine your exact location.

Terms of use of our service

Please note that G-BRID is a site specified for mobile phone only.


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