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If the e-mail address of the mobile phone is input, URL of G-BRID will be sent to your e-mail address.

*For those who receive e-mail from designated domain only(incoming domain specified), please configure the e-mail settings for receiving mail from"".
*The e-mail registered will not be used outside our services.




G-BRID is a community site of new sense using location information services of mobile phone.

Cafes, stations, or while you are shopping, you can "What's up HERE !" and share with friends.
If you look at "What's up HERE !" of your friends, you will know in real time that where your friends are or what your friends are doing.
Pictures and tweets can be posted here so please enjoy this site as a mini-blog.

It is available free of charge. Let's register now and experience!


*Screen of the service may be differed from the actual service.

*The content of this site is active in May 2011. The contents of the service may be subjected to change without notice.

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