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Using of the site is free of charge?

Yes. It is free of charge. All are available free of charge. However, we recommend that you subscript a fixed packet plan. If you do not subscript a fixed packet plan, you may be charged at a high packet fee.

Can the site be used from the computer?

Currently this service is available only with mobile phones. We will consider if you have any requests on it.

Can I continuously use the service after I changed to a newly launched mobile phone?

This site will be updated to response to the new models but please note that it may not be compatible to the latest released items.

About the privacy of location information

While you are accessing to the services, the “Direction” and “Distance” will be displayed. The nearest station will not be displayed.

Since your last access over a period of time, it will become offline and the “Direction” and “Distance” will not be displayed to other users.

If you logout from the site, "Direction" and "Distance" will not be displayed at once.


To change the profile

Please change the profile from "Change settings" - "Update profile"

I do not know how to become the member of the site.

Please follow the directions in the “Member Registration” from the TOP page of the site. If there are inadequacies in the registration details, an error message will be shown. Please correct the contents and register again.

I received an e-mail contained the registered e-mail address and password.

The registered e-mail address and the password during registration will be included in the registration confirmation email sent from the center. When you change the mobile phone company in the future, you will need to take over the past data. Be sure to protect e-mail, and wrote down to details of the confirmation e-mail.

How can I start over?

If you want to start over, please withdraw the membership first and then make a new registration again. Yet, once the withdrawal of the membership is being processed, please note that all the data will be deleted.

What should I do if I change the mobile phone company?

Please login with your old mobile phone e-mail address and password. Then, please change the registered email address. If easy login is set, please change it also.

To change your e-mail address

  • (1) "TOP page" → "Change Settings"→"Change e-mail address"
    (2)Change will be completed by sending a blank e-mail.

What should I do if I want to unsubscribe?

If you want to unsubscribe, please go to "Change Settings" → "Unsubscribe". Please note that we will delete all the data so far upon the withdrawal.


What is G-BRID?

Our service is a free location information community site which you can enjoy for free. You can use a variety of services such as finding a friend, getting information around or etc.

I would like to have new service to be created.

Feedback for the user will be used in the operation of the site or addition of functions in the future. If there is something you would like us to improve, even it is just a minor thing, please feel free to contact us.

Is it available for the place with no reach of radio wave?

Basically, it is a site operated by mobile radio wave. It cannot be used in the place without the reach of radio wave. Also, we are not responsible for any deficiencies caused due to the radio wave or other reasons.

Screen cannot be displayed.

During different periods of time or rush hours, display of the screen of the site, use of the site or access to the site may be unstable. If you are unable to access to the site for most of the time, please contact us.


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