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[Disclosure of Personal Information]
G-BRID will not disclose user's personal information to the third party without your consent.

However, G-BRID provides personal information to companies that we make a non-disclosure agreement with, partner companies and management companies.

In that case, we require that they obey all compliance regarding personal information , retain them and are obligated to make contractual terms as well as the services provided by G-BRID. Also, when our users enquire to disclose personal information for themselves, we provide the information as thoroughly as we can in a reasonable time period Besides what is stated above, we disclose personal information below.

When G-BRID is required legally to provide personal information (when G-BRID is asked by courts, prosecutor's offices and polices to provide any information from users, the ID register information and register profile), G-BRID will disclose the personal information to them.

However, G-BRID shall ask user's consent in case G-BRID uses the personal information except for the purpose of collecting information.

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