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[Use of Personal Information]
In G-BRID, the personal information is used for collecting purpose or business operations
In the use of the personal information are as follows.

1) Under agreement from our users
2) When we need to obey legal requirements
3) When it's concerned a big loss about our user's life, health, and fortune and we need to protect it.
4) When our users apply for services or goods which is subject for trading service or use of the service from our business partner on our site.
5) When G-BRID thinks the necessity

※4) When our users use the service or goods from our business partner, G-BRID provides necessary personal information to them accordingly. In this case, the user's personal information is kept by our business partners and they use the information for the service the user applied. We impose our business partners to obey the Private Information Protection Law. When they use the information to operate the business or other purposes the information, they are obligated to use the information under user's permission. However, we shall not liable for disobey the compliance of our business partners.

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